Project Shakthi, An initiative by Honestpad

Honestpad aims to improve menstrual health and hygiene by making sanitary products accessible to all, by creating a self-help community of women.

Our Mission: This initiative will make women across Tamil Nadu (in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well) financially independent and socially responsible, thus uplifting their lives and helping to improve menstrual health and hygiene.

How does Project Shakthi work?  Honestpad will be running campaigns across Tamil Nadu starting from Chennai. These campaigns will focus on spreading awareness and reaching out to women to join hands to become Shakthima. 

Every area will have one group of Honestpad Shakthima's (community members).

Together they will get 5000 products. They will also be given soft skill training along with a training video by Honestpad, who will then continuously engage with these brand ambassadors.

How does Project Shakthi empower Women?

  • Shakthima’s can easily earn 300 to 500 Rs per day.
  • Health insurance benefits for Shakthima’s and their children after 1 year. 
  • Availability of Honestpad’s exclusive products through Shakthima’s.

Next Steps: Register and become a Shakthima