1. Can I use this pad If I am allergic?

Yes, Honestpad is hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

2. Does it contain bleach or plastic?

No, it is 100% Bleach-free and plastic-free!

3. Is it made with cotton?

Yes, it is made with 100% cotton top layer.

4. Which size should I choose?

Honestpad is available in two sizes at the moment XL & XXL. On the heavier days, preferably the first two days go for XXL and on your lighter days (3rd & 4th Day choose XL pads). You can buy the combo pack or travel pack with both XL & XXL.

5. Is Honestpad an eco-friendly Pad?

We don’t like to call ourselves eco-friendly pads as we believe that any pad that touches blood is toxic waste and is harmful for the earth. Used pads need to be disposed of through incinerators. But yes, we care for the environment and you! 

6. Will I get a rash or infection?

Honestpad’s are designed with a unique bamboo charcoal chip that protects your skin and acts as an antibacterial agent. It prevents rashes, infections or discomforts associated with sanitary pads. 100% safe on skin health! 

7. Is COD available?

Currently, we don't accept Cash on Delivery.

8. Can I leave on Honestpad for 8 to 12 hours?

Honestpad is 100% Toxin-free and is safe.