Green Menstruation

Anything that comes into contact with Human Blood is considered hazardous medical waste and must be disposed of appropriately.

Did you know that over a billion non-biodegradable sanitary napkins are contaminating India's sewage systems, water bodies, and landfills?

A single non-organic sanitary pad contains the plastic equivalent of about four plastic bags and takes up to 800 years to decompose. So far, one of the major culprits of plastic pollution is the mainstream menstrual options available here. A survey found that there is no system in place to manage the huge amount of plastic pollution generated by women in India each year.

At HonestPad,

At HonestPad, we believe that our focus on innovation, quality, and affordability places us in a unique position to bring about the necessary change and make sustainable menstruation mainstream. And so, with our collective expertise, we have designed and created a sanitary product using bamboo charcoal technology that lasts longer than standard pads while having a lower environmental impact.

We not only raise awareness about proper waste disposal but also assist in the implementation of appropriate tools at critical points by installing menstrual disposal incinerator machines at local public and governmental facilities using a portion of the profits. In the process, we not only increase proper menstrual waste disposal but also promote a sanitary environment, implement appropriate measures at critical points by employing incinerator machines, and leave the environment a better place for future generations.

Not only that, but we value any small effort and narrative that contributes to making menstruation green. To share your experience with "green menstruation", you can contact us at the address listed below, and your story will be published to raise awareness.

Because our india must not battle the shame of period stain.