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Sun, Jan 15, 2023
Full time



▪ KAO will be responsible for a territory that includes all types of outlets – MT, Pharma, and GT.

▪ KAO is responsible to ensure Distributors in the market supply to stores where demand is generated within 5 Working Days

▪ KAO must identify and appoint right set of distributors to ensure our outlet coverage targets are met with.

▪ KAO to ensure adequate stocks are maintained ( 3 Weeks of Inventory ) at any given point of time and ensure collection of previous bills are paid to company


▪ KAO’s Primary responsibility is to ensure relationship with store owner/manager/ promoter to ensure our stocks are displayed right and promoted effectively

▪ KAO is responsible for achieving outlet wise secondary target achievement for the month

▪ KAO will have to categorise Outlets as per the throughput expected for our outlet . Norms for the same will be updated on frequent basis .

▪ KAO will have to ensure line availability as per outlet norms

▪ KAO will have to ensure the store gets right set of collaterals being displayed to aid in sell out

▪ KAO to ensure training to store team on regular basis and update the records of the Store owner, Store in-charge, In-store promoter (other brands) who manage our category to be available in our system

▪ KAO to ensure CAT A Outlets for all categories of channels (MT, Pharma, GT) sell out & Stock data should be updated on weekly basis. Cat B outlets on a biweekly basis.

▪ KAO to ensure less than 5 % of outlets return the inventory due to lower / No sale.

▪ KAO to ensure we secure 10 % Market share within 3 months of display at store for all CAT A outlets

▪ Market share data to be collected once in a month for CAT A outlet to be shared by 1st week of every month for previous month

▪ KAO to ensure he works in the right PJP which is decided at the beginning of the month.


▪ KAO will be provided with dedicated Mobile Promoters ( One for every 12 CAT A outlets) to ensure there is hand cart sales .

▪ KAO to ensure Recruitment, Training , Adherence to PJP & Targeted sell out achievement of mobile promoters and ensure DSR is updated on daily basis.



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