Sanitary Pads in India may increase Cancer, Infertility Risk : New Study - Honestpad

Sanitary Pads in India may increase Cancer, Infertility Risk : New Study

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According to a recent study by Toxics Link, a New Delhi-based non-profit organisation, sanitary pads can have a terrible impact on women's health.

For decades, India has had almost just two major market players in the sanitary pad segment and most women were forced to use their products despite severe allergies, discomforts, and health issues. There weren’t many research reports published around the safety of disposable sanitary napkins, however, most women knew that something was not okay. 

Over the last decade we have seen a spike in the rates of infertility issues, PCOS and several other reproductive concerns in women. Although there are several factors that could cause these reproductive issues, sanitary pads could be last, one could think of.  

Most of us are aware that sanitary pads contain fragrances and chemicals that could affect our skin but did we know that they could lead to infertility and cancer?

So here’s the issue;

During the study conducted by New-Delhi based non-profit organisation, Toxic Link, researchers examined 10 different types of sanitary pads (organic and inorganic) made in India, and found that these pads contain chemicals that can potentially increase the risk of cancer and infertility. 

Surprisingly, the majority of sanitary napkins available in stores, including both organic and inorganic pads, do include phthalates and volatile organic chemicals, which are responsible for severe health problems. These pads are known to cause infertility. If the chemicals get absorbed by the body, women may experience devastating problems.

So the big question is, should you change to cups or tampons?

The answer is NO.

After conducting months of research and development, the founder of Honestpad came up with a unique solution which saves most of the menstruators' health, including herself. 

Honespad is designed with a unique  bamboo charcoal chip built along with anti-bacterial properties which are safe for women and does not damage their health by preventing cancer, infertility, skin inflammation, or any other harmful effects on health.

Here is why Honestpad is safe for you;

  •  Made with 100% top-layer cotton that is safe for sensitive skin
  • Unique Bamboo chip (natural -no chemicals) to absorb your blood and keep your genitals dry.
  • The charcoal property in the pad acts as an antibacterial agent which prevents bacteria and cancer-causing cells. 
  • Leak-lock technology prevents any leaks and lasts for 8 hours. 
  • Not changing pads frequently is perfectly safe with Honestpads.
  • Honestpad is bleach-free, unlike other pads which act as a huge cancer-causing component.
  • Honestpad does not have the chemical VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which leads to devastating effects on women’s health. 

Honestpad, also known as the 8-hour pad, is India’s first sanitary Toxic-free pad now available in Indian stores.

Make sure you read about the sanitary pads, its composition, expiry dates and choose the right pad for you! 


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