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Honestpad, launches Project Shakthi to empower women in every household in Tamil Nadu

We live in a world where commercial satellite phones and flying cars are turning into reality.

But, we are still stuck when it comes to prioritizing women's health, where non-toxic menstrual hygiene products are still inaccessible to all.

We live in a time when women have started leading industries and even countries.

But, a family’s pride is still searched between a woman’s legs; the literacy rate of women is lower than men and they are still confined to kitchens.

We live in an era where electricity is available to all and mobile phones have become a necessity.

But nearly 23% of girls drop out of school annually after they start their periods due to lack of clean toilets in schools and poor access to sanitary products.

A girl is still vulnerable to a host of abuses due to orthodox beliefs which deprives them of an equal stature in the society, once she starts to menstruate. 

Yes, it’s almost 2023, but still, they feel shackled every time they bleed.

Honestpad, a Chennai-based menstrual hygiene brand, chose this as their fight and are providing menstrual care to women, through their sanitary care products and initiatives. They are giving women resilience and are being their voice, making them stronger!

Project Shakthi

To empower women, to lend them a shoulder, and to break the period stigma, Honest pad has started an umbrella initiative called ‘Project Shakthi.

This initiative - Project Shakthi, is the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu; based on the realization that empowering women is crucial to change the dynamics of the existing society; to make every woman as strong and powerful as the divine Shakthi.

While they have their own instrument (menstrual pads) to do that, Abirami Dusshyanth, the Founder and CEO of Honestpad decided to use it and reach every home, empowering and uplifting women while doing so.

She is determined to shed light on menstrual health and hygiene and make sanitary products accessible to all by creating a self-help community for women.

Being a trailblazer, the founder is now ready to pass her baton to other women to spread awareness and to make their Honestpads available to all. 

Project Shakthi is a call to women, to help them nurture an entrepreneur mindset, making them micro-entrepreneurs who provide sanitary care to other women. This initiative will make women across Tamil Nadu (in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well) financially independent and socially responsible, thus uplifting their lives.

How does Project Shakthi help women?

Project Shakthi will come into action in December 2022 where these micro-entrepreneurs can sell Honestpads to help other women and empower themselves, thus becoming Shakthima.

Honestpad will be running campaigns across Tamil Nadu starting from Chennai. These campaigns will focus on spreading awareness and reaching out to women to join hands to become Shakthima.

Every area will have one group of Honestpad ShakthiMa's (community members).

Together they will get 5000 products. They will also be given soft skill training along with a training video by Honest Pad, who will then continuously engage with these brand ambassadors.


  • Honestpad will create exclusive products that are available only to these Shakthima's which will differentiate from the regular commercial packs. 
  • Shakthima’s can easily earn 300 to 500 Rs per day.
  • Based on their performance in 6 months to 1 year they will get insurance benefits for them and their children to secure their future. 

Changing lives with the help of allies

The best part of project Shakthi is that it’s not restricted to women. If you are a man and wish to empower women, you can definitely be their ally.

Since students have great potential to reach people, they will be great allies to Project Shakthi as well. You can also refer people to join Project Shakthi and strengthen the community. 

Remember every time you do that, it is worth 1800 days of toxic-free periods to many!

Dear Women

“We see you, we hear you, and we are there for your menstrual health!

When you fear or you’re in doubt, lean on another strong woman for encouragement and hope that brighter days are indeed ahead.

Meanwhile, let us all try to keep empowering all around us and grow stronger together!” 

- Abirami Dusshyanth, the Founder and CEO of Honestpad.

Register here, to be a Shakthima!

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