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30 days in a Woman’s Body

We women menstruate once a month. That is well known. But, why does it happen? How does it happen? What happens before and after menstruation? Have you ever wondered? Or are you looking to understand why there are different phases in a woman’s mood just like the moon? Well, you are in the right place.

So there are 4 phases in a typical cycle (28-32 days on average). Let’s start with the phase we think we know about.

  1. Menstruation – The bleeding stage

Like the soldier injured in a battle, our body is bleeding uncontrollably for 4-7 days because of the lost battle to fertilize the egg.

Pretty much like Shivagami banishes Bahubali for insulting her authority, our uterus sheds its lining because we insulted it by not getting pregnant.😫

PS: If the bleeding is less than 4 days talk to your doc about it

  1. Follicular Phase

The calm after the storm. The bleeding stops and we finally feel like ourselves again. This is when the body signals the ovaries to prepare and release the next egg; like how your PubG players signal your attack. This is when your body motivates you to fertilize your egg – enjoy the encouragement and have fun! 😉

PS: This 10-14 day period may extend if you have conditions like PCOS

  1. Ovulation

This is the shortest phase of your cycle (12-36 hours)! But this is the most important phase if you’re trying to get pregnant. Having said that, remember to use protection if you are not planning to have a baby. The reason that this phase is your fertility peak is that it is during this phase that the egg is released from the ovaries and makes its way down the fallopian tubes ready to turn into a little human.

PS: Some women experience unexplained sharp one-sided pain in their abdomen. Not all women feel it but hey, some of us are more prone to ‘feelings’!!! 🙌

  1. Luteal Phase

This 2 week long dramatic rollercoaster calls for “Raging hormones alert! “🤦‍♀️

A bubble bath might help, or maybe a kickboxing session to let out some frustration and anger for no particular reason. So why are we in such a state where we are happy one minute, sad the other, angry in the next 5 minutes and then horny for no reason? And the trophy goes to... PROGESTERONE - the crucial hormone which prepares the uterus for a fertilized egg. The beautiful side effects include cramps, sore breasts, pimples, mood swings, etc... Aahh what a lovely hormone to have for 2 weeks a month, every month during the best years of our lives!!! 😏

PS: It could be longer than 14 days due to hormonal imbalances.

So that's it! The 5 stages every woman goes through every month in her life from menarche to menopause, except when she gets pregnant.

Pro Tip: The best time to get pregnant after your period is when you are ovulating. So, use a period tracker to know where in the cycle you are at.

Would you like to know more about these stages, how a woman behaves, or how you can help someone going through menstruation or PMS? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Even though some phases make our lives difficult, this is a natural and necessary part of being a woman. And if you ask me, it is pretty damn miraculous!

So enjoy the ride!

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